About Basic Disclosures

Basic Criminal Records Check (also known Basic Disclosure, Basic CRB or Basic Police Check)

A Basic Criminal Records Check sometimes known as a Basic Police Check or Basic CRB is the lowest level of disclosure and checks the Police National Computer (PNC) for details of all current criminal convictions (convictions considered unspent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974).

A Basic Disclosure Certificate will give these details or it will confirm there are no such convictions.

Who can apply for a Basic Criminal Records Check?

  • available to anyone who lives or has lived in the UK
  • any individual in their own name for any purpose
  • self employed
  • for visa applications
  • for a Personal Liquor/Premises Licence application
  • for a new job or volunteer work
  • for pre-employment/recruitment vetting (written consent required from employee)
  • Landlord/Letting agents tenant checking (written consent required from tenant)
Alternatively, if you have any questions, please contact us.

Reasons and benefits of a Basic Disclosure

  • for current job
  • additional credibility with a job application
  • UK resident applying for a visa
  • personal check of police record of unspent convictions
  • increased customer confidence for self employed
  • for current or prospective employees
  • vetting of prospective tenants
  • for a new job or volunteer work 
  • for any other purpose

How Do I obtain a Basic Disclosure certificate/s?

To obtain a Basic Disclosure Certificate, the applicant needs complete an online application form. 

Please note: if you are obtaining a Basic Disclosure Check for someone else you must obtain their express permission (in writing), to do so. 

We then need to verify the applicant's ID.  To do this the applicant will need to email or post COPIES of their ID documents (as detailed in the Acceptable ID Documents list).  

Important note:  Please check this list carefully to ensure you can provide copies of the correct ID documents.  Time constraints also exist for some documents.  These are indicated on the Acceptable ID list.  At least one ID document must show the full address of where you currently live, and at least one ID documents must show your date of birth.  If you cannot provide copies of ID in line with the Acceptable ID list we will not be able to process a Basic Disclosure application for you.

For current turn-around/delivery times, please refer to our FAQ's.

Incorrectly filled-in applications, queries, or incorrect ID will cause delays and may result in the rejection of your application.
In such cases of rejection, or late cancellation, administration charges may be applicable.

What do I receive?

One hard-copy of the Basic Disclosure Certificate is produced and we post that to your current home address (as provided on your application form), by Royal Mail Standard delivery (for UK applications) and by Royal Mail Airmail delivery (for non-UK applications

I am an Individual needing a Basic CRB certificate:

If you are an individual who needs to apply for a Basic Disclosure check, please click here to start your online application.  

I am representing an organisation requiring more than 2 x Basic checks:

Complete and submit our online registration form.  On receipt of your registration, we will set-up an account for you and email you log-in details and instructions on how to submit online Basic Disclosure Applications to us for processing 

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